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These maps show range to your
6DB antenna 20Ft above ground.
(Your Home Base Station)

 443.275 - Chehalis Repeater
      Bright Red = S-9 to S9+60
      Med Red = S-3 to S-9
      Light Red = S-1 to S-3

 444.875 - Randle Repeater
      Bright Blue = S-9 to S9+60
      Med Blue = S-3 to S-9
      Light Blue = S-1 to S-3

 440.375 - Longview Repeater
      Bright Green = S-9 to S9+60
      Med Green = S-3 to S-9
      Light Green = S-1 to S-3

 442.375 - Vancouver Repeater
      Bright Purple = S-9 to S9+60
      Med Purple = S-3 to S-9
      Light Purple = S-1 to S-3

 441.375 - Salem Repeater
      Bright Yellow = S-9 to S9+60
      Med Yellow = S-3 to S-9
      Soft Yellow = S-1 to S-3

For individual repeater information check these links below:
145.370   ------------Vancouver, WA.---- ON LINE
224.640   ------------Vancouver, WA.---- ON LINE
442.375   ------------Vancouver, WA.---- ON LINE
441.375   -------------------Salem, OR.---- ON LINE
440.375   --------------Longview, WA.---- ON LINE
443.275   ---------------Chehalis, WA.---- OFF LINE
444.875   -----------------Randle, WA.---- ON LINE

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