AB7F Repeater System

Six continuously linked repeaters, providing ham radio coverage in SW Washington and NW Oregon.

This page provides repeater access information, and shows some pictures taken from the repeater sites.

More individual repeater access information, coverage plots, and pictures can be found at the links below.


     145.370   ------------- Vancouver, WA. ---- ON LINE
         224.640   ------------ Vancouver, WA. ---- ON LINE
        442.375   ------------ Vancouver, WA. ---- ON LINE
        441.375   ------------------ Salem, OR. ---- ON LINE
        440.375   ------------- Longview, WA. ---- ON LINE
         444.875   ----------------- Randle, WA. ---- ON LINE

Here are Maps that show where you can reach this system from.

There are several hams who help make this system work.   If not for their help the system would not work like it does!
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